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Welcome to the Funhouse Playhouses Option page

A perfect Playhouse to fit into a smaller space and create hours of fun games for the kids

For a Quote on the type of playhouse you would like please:

  Email :
Phone : 0508 woodworx (tollfree)
0508 966396

Why Choose A Woodworx Playhouse?

Because we Take Pride in making a Quality Product that will Last for many years

The Playhouses are supplied as drilled Pre-made panels ready for easy and simple assembally that can be picked up with a trailer

Freighted anywhere in NZ or delivered and installed

All Playhouses can be made to suit your needs

Colour steel roof as standard

Clear light panel option in roofs no charge!

All Platforms meet NZS compliance loading

Solid pine and oregan Framing

22mm solid timber weatherboard exterior

All timber treated to H3 with safe LOSP


Click to see Examples and Options included with Prices

Fun House 1

Fun House 2

Fun House 3

Fun House 4

Fun House 5

Fun House 6

Fun House 7

The Fun House basic floor size is 1.6 x 1.6, peak height of
1.660, side wall height of 1.100 and a door height of .940mm

You can have it on the ground or on legs like the Amazon with
all the standard options shown below. We can add whichever
options you like and where possible can change the ladder and
door side, window position and size to suit your location.

Options and pricing as below

Basic Fun house on ground $1280.00
Floor height 1 metre $195.00
Floor height 1.2 metres $215.00
Floor height 1.5 metres $245.00
Tall walls and door (+140mm)(view) $105.00
Full Porch & railing (+800mm) (view) $380.00
Small Porch (+600mm) (view) $165.00
Side Railings (view) $90.00
Stable door (view) $70.00
Windows 4x4 sliding/fixed (view) $45/$25.00 each
Windows 4x6 sliding/fixed (view) $55/$35.00 each
Windows 6x6 slidng/fixed (view) $70/$45.00 each
Windows 8x8 fixed.only (view) $90.00 each
Trye Swing (view) $145.00
Climbing Wall (view) $180.00
Firemans Pole (view) $155.00
Trap Door (view) $155.00
Sand Pit Frame (view) $175.00
1 mtr wave Slide (view) $335.00
1.2 mtr wave Slide (view) $405.00
1.5 mtr wave Slide (view) $495.00
Clear Wall Sealer (view) $200.00
Carge Net (view) price per square metre $85.00